We can create figures and animations that disseminate complex and simple data

Above are the results from a generalized linear mixed model analysis which allows for the combination of random and fixed effects.

Representation of stepwise multiple linear regression results.

Simple animations such as dam construction by decade or any time series map making can be completed and you don’t necessarily need to have the data in hand. We can generally find the data.
A map showing the results of interpolation analysis in ArcGIS
The above figure identifies river discharge, instream temperature, photoperiod and their effect on the direction and distance a fish moves
The above figure is an analysis of dam construction effect on aspects of a river’s flow regime. The values seen on the y-axis were created in the Indicators of Hydrologic Alteration.

Results from Optipass identifying barriers for mitigation, cost of mitigation, and habitat gained.

A map we can replicate in any system using optimized hotspot analysis in ArcGIS.
A map product for study area design